The Famous Grouse and Owl's Brew Team Up to Develop Custom Tea Blends for Cocktail Lovers

The Famous Grouse, Scotland's no. 1 Scotch, and The Owl's Brew, the first-ever tea crafted for cocktails, announced that they have joined forces to create two exceptional new tea blends: The Famous Mint Tea and The Smoky Earl to kick off the fall season. This collaboration, the first official spirits partnership for The Owl's Brew, provides whisky drinkers and bartenders with quality and convenient products to create signature cocktails inspired by the classics at home and in the bar. The Famous Mint Tea is designed to pair with The Famous Grouse, while The Smoky Earl has been created to complement The Black Grouse's distinctively smoky character.

"Tea-based cocktails are a popular trend in the mixology world right now, and this special relationship capitalizes on that by providing consumers with two flavorful bespoke tea blends that mix perfectly with The Famous Grouse and The Black Grouse whiskies," said Jim Brennan, SVP Marketing of Edrington Americas, the makers of The Famous Grouse. "We're excited to be a part of a partnership that spotlights a classic British tradition while tying back to the celebration of blending, a key component of our historical brand."

To create the customized teas, The Famous Grouse and Owl's Brew teams worked with a small group of some of the country's finest bartenders to develop blends that would complement and accentuate each of the whisky's distinct taste profiles, while also bringing classic British flavors to life as a nod to The Famous Grouse's heritage.

The Tea Blends

  • The Famous Mint Tea: a fresh-brewed peppermint tea with a hint of lemon that nicely balances the citrus fruit notes and clean finish of The Famous Grouse
  • The Smoky Earl: a fresh-brewed smoky Earl Grey and Lapsang Souchong tea, with notes of honey and lemon, that complements the spice and dried fruit flavors of The Black Grouse

"We've always loved toddies and are thrilled to head into fall and winter with two new toddy-inspired offerings made specifically with The Famous and Black Grouse in mind," said Jennie Ripps, Founder and CEO of Owl's Brew. "Our all-natural Owl's Brew tea blends feature whole tea leaves, fruits and spices, providing beverage drinkers with a fresh and delicious taste."

Whether you prefer to have your cocktails crafted at the bar or mixed up at home, this new product provides a sophisticated option for whisky drinkers to enjoy no matter the occasion. In honor of the partnership, The Famous Grouse and Owl's Brew have tapped bartenders from around the country for recipes that at-home bartenders can mix up in the comfort of their own kitchen.