FBD to Showcase Innovative Frozen Beverage Dispenser Products at 2015 NACS Show

FBD® Partnership LP (FBD), a global industry-leader in manufacturing frozen beverage dispensers, announces its featured products for the 2015 NACS Show (Oct. 11-14, 2015 in Las Vegas), the largest trade show in the country featuring products and services for the convenience and fuel retailing industry. FBD will feature the innovative 352, 353, 562, 563 and 774 frozen beverage dispensers, which range from two, three and four flavour-profile machines at booth #6077.

Setting a new standard in frozen beverage dispensers, the 774 machine combines the superior quality found in all FBD equipment with a range of engineering breakthroughs. The 774 showcases FBD's equipment flexibility with varying drink profiles that meet all customer demands from high overrun FCB, to FUB to Slush. Featuring an improved capacity and refrigeration system, the 774 is able to dispense more high quality product than ever before while incorporating cost-reducing functions such as easier troubleshooting and improved serviceability. Its Energy Saving Software provides 35.6 percent annual energy savings.

"Many of the best known global frozen beverage brands rely on FBD for their frozen beverage dispenser needs," said Matthew Inderlied, Senior Vice President of Customers at FBD. "We look forward to participating in the NACS Show and are excited to continue to showcase our state-of-the-art products."

FBD's frozen beverage dispensers all include Inline Carbonation™ to create a more consistent over-run, quality and yield. FBD's AccuFreeze™ ensures the product stays consistent and the system is more reliable than others in the market because it is completely electronic, controlling refrigeration by measuring torque used to mix the product. The dispensers also include RapidFreeze™, a cold chamber system that improves recovery and draw-time, while reducing the compressor workload and increasing dispenser durability.

For more information and spec sheets, visit FBDfrozen.com.