Fentimans Launches New Super Premium Tonic Water

Popular botanical brewers, Fentimans has launched a new 'super premium' tonic mixer to compliment the company's recent £1.2 million rebrand.

Connoisseurs Tonic Water carries a smooth taste, created by the infusion of natural botanicals and the blending of natural flavours, designed to accentuate and amplify the delicate botanical flavours found in artisanal and premium gin.

Fentimans marketing director, Andrew Jackson, said: "As more and more consumers continue to have heightened quality expectations and as renowned flavour innovators, it is important that Fentimans create drinks that meet the needs of an increasingly discerning and knowledgeable audience. With the development of Connoisseurs Tonic Water, we have created the crème de la crème of tonic, that will delight even the most ardent connoisseurs."

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