First Australian Lab-Grown Meat Product On Sale In Singapore

The first Australian lab-grown meat product has hit the market for sale this month with a parfait made from Japanese quail cells on sale in Singapore.

The lab grown meat comes from Australian company Vow and its sub-brand Forged. The Forged by Vow website talks about the new product, saying:

'Our ambition was to bring a flavour and texture combination together you couldn't get anywhere else – a delightful contradiction that is both rich and delicate at once. We've explored hundreds of different species and found that with cultured Japanese quail, we're able to craft this rare pairing – a rich umami flavour with a weightless, melt-in-your-mouth quality.'

Having originally been approved as safe to eat by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) back in December, Singapore's food regulator then approved the sale of Vow's cultured quail cells in March, only the second cell-cultured meat product to become available in the city-state. The new Forged Parfait has launched exclusively at Mandala Club, a private member's club housed within a stunning heritage building in the heart of Chinatown.

Talking of the new Forged Parfait, Vow chief executive George Peppou commented: "Think of it as among the highest price point of any kind of animal protein you'd find.

"I can't share the exact numbers — it's a little bit commercially sensitive — but it would be among the most expensive proteins you'd find anywhere from any kind of distributor in Singapore."

Find out more about the Forged By Vow brand and Forged Parfait here.

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