First Meat-Free Burger King Coming To Germany

The global fast food chain Burger King, renowned for the Whopper and other beef burgers, is set to open its first vegan-friendly meat-free restaurant today in Cologne, Germany. Having teamed up with vegetarian meat company The Vegetarian Butchers Burger King has created a fully meat-free menu for a limited time only.

The menu will feature twists of Burger King's best known options including the Plant-Based Whopper, Plant-Based Nuggets, and a new Plant-Based Whopper Wrap.

Burger King and The Vegetarian Butchers have been collaborating for a number of years now to build the chain's plant-based menu, one that has been featured in countries all over the world, including the UK. Back in April Burger King launched a new Vegan Royale burger in the UK, a plant-based version that mimics it's popular chicken burger both in taste and texture. This all comes as part of the QSR chain's drive to become a greener company through its food, packaging and more. Their pledge is to become 50% plant-based by 2031.

Find out more about The Vegetarian Butcher over on the brand's website here.