FLEISCHMANN'S SIMPLY HOMEMADE & Cookbook Author Ayesha Curry To Rework Made From Scratch Meals

This autumn, the FLEISCHMANN'S SIMPLY HOMEMADE brand in the U.S. has teamed up with cookbook author Ayesha Curry to demonstrate how families can reimagine "made from scratch" meals in a fraction of the time. FLEISCHMANN'S SIMPLY HOMEMADE, a premium line of baking mixes, understands that while families may be short on time, their meals should not be short on scratch-made taste. Made from real simple ingredients, SIMPLY HOMEMADE reimagines homemade and proves that scratch-made taste can be quick, simple and come from a box.

To inspire families and at-home cooks to redefine scratch-made taste, Ayesha is sharing tips demonstrating that homemade does not have to be complicated and customising SIMPLY HOMEMADE Cornbread and Muffins to complement recipes from her first cookbook, The Seasoned Life.

"As a working wife and mother, I am always on the go and strive to find balance, but cooking and enjoying homemade meals with loved ones is a necessity," said Curry. "I love homemade cornbread and muffins, but time isn't always on my side, so I turn to delicious SIMPLY HOMEMADE mixes for their simple, quality ingredients and authentic taste. The best part is that no one knows these mouthwatering breads and muffins come from a box!"

Dedicated to providing "made from scratch" taste, SIMPLY HOMEMADE premium baking mixes are made with the same real simple ingredients that you would find in your pantry or fridge, and contain no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. The award-winning cornbread boasts a moist texture, toasty aroma and buttery, sweet flavor that stands above the rest. Delivering the baked goodness closest to homemade in the baking aisle, SIMPLY HOMEMADE mixes simplify the baking process and deliver delicious taste each and every time.

With a commitment to quality, FLEISCHMANN'S SIMPLY HOMEMADE pours its passion for baking into its entire product portfolio. In addition to the brand's cornbread mix, consumers can enjoy other varieties of FLEISCHMANN'S SIMPLY HOMEMADE baking mixes, including a new line of Muffin Mixes available in Double Chocolate, Lemon Poppyseed and Banana flavors, Honey Chipotle Cornbread, Pretzel Creations and Country White bread mix.

Find out more on the FLEISCHMANN'S SIMPLY HOMEMADE website here.