Flower Power

With the recent lockdown, and with many folks stuck at home for long periods, the need to link to nature and something beautiful was more important than ever. In step the annual summer boom in edible flowers.

The edible flower resurgence followed in the footsteps of other 'back to nature' trends such as this summer's Cottagecore movement. It also echoed the rise in homemade arts and crafts projects such as flower heavy tablescaping that were popular during the lockdown.

Edible Flowers

It wasn't long ago that folk were questioning the idea of eating flowers. "Flowers are for looking at - not eating", was the cry. Well, that's all changed and the edible flower is well and truly part of the foodie furniture. From simple floral cake hacks to transformative farming, these pretty little things are more than a bit of whimsy. They add colour, flavour and a bit of happiness to every dish they adorn.

BBQ Sunflower

One of the more surprising edible flower trends has sparked one social media. This is the trend for grilling sunflowers and eating them in a way similar to eating corn on the cob. At first glance, this may seem a little odd, but after examinations it all kind of makes sense as we are all familiar with eating sunflower seeds. In essence, the sunflowers are grilled while the kernels are still soft. The taste is nutty and texture soft like corn according to those who have tried it.

Cold As Ice

Social media has spawned another resurgence, this time of floral ice cubes. We all remember the floral ice cubes from a couple of years back, well now they are back with gusto. Folk have had more spare time at home to make these visual treats that are being used to brighten up summer coolers, adding that touch of joy, happiness and luxury. Sometimes it is the littlest thing that can help you through.

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