Food Meets Fashion at London Fashion Week

The end of September saw the annual gathering of global names from the fashion world in London for London Fashion Week, and we explore the lines of where food meets fashion.

Food and fashion are closer than you might think! Whether you see them as an essential means of survival, or as an example of artistic expression, food and fashion are both highly influential. Both can reflect the cultural mood of the moment, as well as influence how consumers live in the future.

At this year's London Fashion Week we saw many causes that have been tackled, and are still being overcome, in the food and drink industry all in the name of sustainability. This included the likes of Richard Malone's collection centred around Econyl ... and Vin + Om using single-use plastic bottles in their design.

We explore the topic further over on our Trend Hub. Head over to the full article and read more about where ethical Initiatives, veganism and welfare, 90s nostalgia and more topics we've identified in our industry cropped up at LFW.

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