Food Revolution Day

Today is the second Food Revolution Day which aims to raise awareness about the importance of good food and food education. It's the chance for people to come together within their communities, whether that be school, work or families, to cook together and share their kitchen skills. They believe that food skills are among the most valuable skills you can ever learn and that every child should learn about food, where it comes from and how it affects our bodies. 

Last year 100% of the money raised, through kind donations, went directly to food education projects in the UK, USA and Australia. In the UK 25 schools are taking part in the Food Education Box programme launched with Abel & Cole. I the USA, 9,000 children are taking part in the learn your fruits and vegetables programme and in Australia the money went towards the continued expansion of Jamie's Ministry of Food. 

This year in London, Jamie Oliver is hosting a street party outside his restaurant 'Fifteen'.  A celebration of food with educational events, live demonstrations and an array of street food traders.