food service trends 2012 released by thefoodpeople

2012 as in 2011 we are dining in a world of two halves, we have the nations in the midst of financial crisis with radical fiscal and social changes as well as governmental shifts and the other half the flourishing developing nations enjoy boom time and premiumisation.

There are many macro factors that will drive the food trends and counter trends of the next 12-18 months which are detailed in the report. The one that will effect things the most is the financial crisis / uncertainty and how this will make consumers feel and behave.

Despite the gloom, diners have needs that have to be met, they want to be inspired and delighted, we hope that you find the 2012 Food Service Trends Predictions inspirational and thought provoking, here are the headlines...


  • Rule Britannia – British ingredients and varieties, British food and chefs overseas, British uber gastro dining, reinvented British classics
  • Chefs on the Move – fine dining spin offs such as pop ups, kiosks, take outs, bars, lounges, supper clubs and guest cheffing
  • Fun & Informal – fine to fun dining, communal dining and cooking spaces in restaurants, stripped back service, more visible chefs, at table finishing, diner interaction and DIY cooking
  • Fruit & Vegetable Plus – more of it on plates, in desserts, centre of plate, cool status, in drinks and cocktails, chefs growing their own, virtue factor
  • Natural & Subtle – less cooking, subtle flavours, more acidity, less heat and for longer, wild harvest, pure molecular regress, inspiration direct from nature
  • Eating Awareness – transparency of ingredients and production methods, allergen awareness, wellbeing and intrinsic health, CSR, food philanthropy, fair farmed and wild sustainable, calorie son more menus
  • Hero Producers & Terrior – connecting diners with producers and the land, chef producer alliance, agro tourism, restaurants on farms, producer story telling
  • Tradition & Skills – re-invited classics, fire cooking, neo global foods, grandma reinvented, mass preserving, house made here

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