Food To Go - Categorywatching Report

'If we all return to the office 4 days a week, the city lunch time trade is still cut by a fifth' - Food to Go is experiencing great change. As TikTok looks to opens ghost kitchens in the US next month serving dishes made popular by the social media app, it will soon be easier than ever to order inspirational light meals such as the salmon bowls and custard toast that have gone viral.

We've covered this in more detail in our recent Food To Go Categorywatching report over on trendhub. The report takes a look at what we've been tracking across sandwiches, salads, sushi, hot food to go, breakfast, grab and go pots and more.

To give you a taste for what to expect in the full report, here are our three key takeouts:

1. Food to go home
Food to Go moves into 'food to go home' with more focus being given to kits, the freezer and innovative delivery apps such as picnics in the park delivered within minutes.

2. Premiumisation
Given that we are eating out less and that food to go is relatively affordable, we could be more likely to treat ourselves. We are seeing more of luxury ingredients such as caviar and lobster dim sums.

3. Cuisines
From lighter Vietnamese rolls packed with fresh crunchy veg wrapped to tacos, we're exploring both the familiar cuisines as well as expanding past the expected. From cuisine fusion to authentic regionality consumers are travelling the world from their desks and kitchens.

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