Food trucks keep coming, but can you find them

This time it's award-winning San Francisco butchers, Avedano's, who have jumped on the truck trend which is so popular in the Bay area. The Avedano's Meat Wagon is a bright red 1967 ambulance bringing their popular selection of cuts and specialist meats to the Hayes Valley neighbourhood four days a week.

This hard to miss van is packed with all that is carnivorous; from ground beef to Merguez sausages, via boneless pork butt to smoked trotters! You can even treat your 4-legged friend after they've waited patiently drooling by your side, with dog chews and marrow bones.

But it doesn't stop there; if you're in a rush and just want to collect your order, why not go for The Manhandler or The Housewife? Two selection boxes of choice cuts that will satisfy even the most meat-hungry palettes. Around 20lbs of meat all boxed up and ready to go into you or your freezer.

Want to try before you buy? No problem, choose from their delicious ready to go lunch menu or take home supper dishes – one speciality each day. These guys have thought of everything.

O.K. – so you know which food truck you want, but where on earth can you find it – these mobilers like to move around – A LOT! What you need is TruxMap. TruxMap is a live gourmet food trucks map for 34 US cities and 2 Canadian cities. The minute a food truck makes their current or future whereabouts known, you will see them on the TruxMap app. Menus, reviews, food images, location requests and directions are just one touch away. The open food trucks are visually represented by green markers and the food trucks opening soon are represented by blue markers.

Quickly scan what food trucks are near you, browse through the menus and food images before making a decision. Once you've completed eaten the food, submit a review or your truck images so others can know what to expect. This is really cool – it's great just to play with, even if you're not in the US!