Forget Deep Fried Mars, Here's Deep Fried Vegan Magnum

Something to get your tastebuds tingling. The Milky Lane cafe in Sydney, Australia, has created a deep-fried Magnum, ands it's vegan too.

The mouthwatering over indulgent snack takes a dairy-free almond Magnum, made from pea protein, covering it in maple syrup and biscuit crumbs, dipping in coconut milk cream and covering it in cornflakes before frying in a deep-fat fryer not used for animal or dairy products until crispy and golden. Beat that!

Co-owner of Milky Lane, Christian Avant, told the Metro: "The idea behind this treat was to mimic our famous deep-fried magnums, but obviously making it vegan.

"The reason we have turned to designing more vegan food was that we always said from day one, we wanted Milky Lane to be a place that everyone can enjoy."

Find out more about the mouthwatering venue here.

Image - Milky Lane Facebook.