Fortnum & Mason Launches Food Studio At London Flagship Store

Luxury retailer Fortnum & Mason is set to launch a new experiential food and drink hub at its Piccadilly flagship store, London - a destination for sipping, supping, testing, tasting, mixing, making and cocktail-shaking.

Described by the brand as a space dedicated to the search for extraordinary food and drink experiences, the new 3rd floor at Fortnum's offers an interactive space where customers can engage with live cooking demonstrations, workshops and tastings. The purpose developed food and drink studio is set to host a busy program of events, including supper clubs, masterclasses, workshops, launches and more for both established and emerging chefs.

What's more, the space will also feature an in-store distillery in the heart of the space where two gins are crafted in the copper still at Piccadilly: a traditional London Dry and extraordinary Pink Gin.

Fortnum & Mason CEO, Tom Athron said: "Ever since William Fortnum met Hugh Mason and started a business, Fortnum & Mason have been in search of extraordinary new food and drink experiences, so it seems only natural to create a home dedicated to this search.

"Set in the heart of 181 Piccadilly, the new 3rd floor is an experiential space designed for sharing our knowledge of and love for food. It's a space where all are welcome, to experiment and learn, craft and produce; where beginners are encouraged to participate in the joys of food and drink and where playing with food is absolutely encouraged.

"With the launch of our new Food & Drink Studio and all that comes with it, we are looking forward to a new era of retail with sustainability, innovation and customer experience at its very core."

Find out more on the Fortnum & Mason website here.