Free From & Plant Based 2021 - Executive Summary Report

One of the biggest trends over the past decade that ceases to gain momentum is that of free-from and plant-based. Exploring the ever-growing landscape, we've compiled a new categorywatching report on the topic which covers plant-based, allergen-free, nut-free, egg-free, gluten-free and more.

To give you a feel for what's included in the report, we've summarised three key take-outs below:

1. Holistic approach - As health and the environment rapidly rise up the agenda we're seeing a lot more holistic messages around plant-based food and drink. On menus, vegetables are celebrated in their own right and interest in food and drink which has minimal impact on the land rapidly accelerates. Natural wine looks set to become more important, which often also just happens to be vegan, and many people are trying alternative milks such as barley which have low environmental impact stories.

2. Bolder Flavour - With COVID-19 side effects impacting on senses such as loss of taste and smell, plant-based and free-from is bolder in terms of flavour. From the tanginess of preserved lemon spicy 'kebabs' to a smoked onion and mustard sauce topping a hispi cabbage and floral flavours such as wild violet and lavender bringing both scent and amazing taste, flavour renovation is tangier, hotter and sweeter than ever.

3. Cuisine Influence - With less travelling for many, interest in cuisines is mounting – African takes centre stage and with native dishes such as jollof rice and ancient grains such as fonio being naturally gluten-free, there's hugely wide appeal – we could see a lot more of jollof risottos and one pot dishes.

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