FrieslandCampina Launches First Alt Meat With New Meat-Free Chicken Brand, Tender'lish

Dutch multinational dairy cooperative FrieslandCampina has launched its first meat-free brand Tender'lish, with a range of alternative chicken products using skimmed milk as a protein base. The new range of meat-free chicken features four products - Chik'n Cheese Escalope, Cripsy Chik'n Fillet Burger, Crunchy Chik'n Tenders and Cripsy Chik'n Fillets.

The new Tender'lish chicken takes a slightly different approach to most alternative meats on the market, using up to 60% skimmed milk which gives the alt chicken a high dairy content which is said to provide a trusted source of high quality protein and also deliver calcium, fibre and iron too.

The dairy base also gives the alt chicken succulent and very tender feel when eating. Alison Lees, UK marketing lead for Tender'lish, said: "After several years of successive double-digit growth, performance in the meat-alternative category has been challenging over the past six months. However, at a time when some manufacturers are withdrawing from the UK market, FrieslandCampina is confidently investing for future growth, offering something genuinely new, different and superior within the key growth subset of chicken alternatives."

The new Tender'lish range will be available across the UK from October. Find out more about the FrieslandCampina brand here.