Fungtn's Low Alcohol Adaptogen Beer

Certain to make a name for themselves in 2021 are Fungtn, creators of the UK's first range of mycoadaptogenic non-alcoholic beers, providing a craft beer experience with body boosting benefits.

Their premium tasting beer is brewed traditionally with adaptogenic medicinal mushrooms, touching upon plenty of ancient wisdom, while bring their positive effects to a contemporary audience.

Recent years have seen the growth of similar CBD based products within the beverage market, establishing a new type of drink which combines the familiarity of the likes of tea, coffee and beer with the enhancements which these naturally occurring substances can provide us.

Mycoadaptogens themselves are a unique type of mushrooms with medicinal properties, abilities which are perhaps more relevant than ever before, as many of us seek natural solutions to the stress of a modern world.

Adaptogens are certain to be a developing trend throughout 2021-22, so be sure to swot up ahead of the game by reading our recent trendhub report, available here.