Future Food Report - Q1 2024 Key Take Outs

At the beginning of 2020 we started an exciting collaboration with Good Sense Research to create a regular Future Food Trend Tracker which sets out to demonstrate the relationship between future trend predictions and customer acceptance, readiness and importantly how that manifests over time. The end product is a report each quarter which shares actionable trends and insights for you and your business.

As consumer's confidence begins to build, we are seeing more trips to coffee shops and food halls, it is important to value these smaller occasions. Consumers are jumping off the fence when it comes to meat and plant based eating, this also comes with concerns over the processing of plant based alternatives.

Ultra-processed foods are becoming a key topic of discussion with consumers looking for better processing. Seasonal and local produce is of interest to consumers at the moment. Seasonal, local and natural go hand-in-hand, so it would be unsurprising if consumers are making these associations. Last but not least, Asian cuisine has taken the spotlight, with consumers open to trying lesser known cuisines such as Burmese or Filipino.

Detailed below are five key insights from the Q1 2024 report:

1. People are getting back out there!

Let's not undervalue smaller occasions such as coffee shops and food halls, with consumers looking to go out whilst on a budget. We seem to be swapping takeaways for meals out, with consumers looking to get out more.

2. Divergent diets as consumers move off the fence

We are seeing a decline in 50/50 diets as both meat-based and plant-based diets experience a rise. Consumers shifting to meat-based diets are concerned over plant-based alternatives being too processed.

3. Better Processing is Key

Consumers want less ultra-processed choices when it comes to their food, especially highlighted by UPF's media spotlight. There is an opportunity to educate consumers, mitigating the impact of the media.

4. Seasonal = Local & Natural

Consumer interest in seasonal produce is on the rise. Seasonal, local and natural go hand in hand, so it would be unsurprising if consumers are making these associations.

5. Asian Cuisine is in the spotlight

A rise in interest for cuisines such as Burmese and Filipino suggests a need for an educational piece for consumers, as there is still a gap in understanding what they entail. Thai cuisine is dominating the market with almost double the amount of consumers having eaten it this quarter compared with Q3 2023.


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