Future Food Update - January 2022

At the beginning of 2020 we started an exciting collaboration with Good Sense Research to create a monthly Future Food Trend Tracker which sets out to demonstrate the relationship between future trend predictions and customer acceptance, readiness and importantly how that manifests over time. The end product is a report each month which shares actionable trends and insights for you and your business.

The importance of sustainability has increased among consumers, they are more aware of product wastage and the importance of shopping locally and seasonally. Consumers are also more open to consuming all aspects of foods such as meat and fish to reduce food waste and the emphasis on supporting local during COVID has remained a priority for consumers.

During January consumers returned to their comfort of British and Italian cuisines, and although less adventurous in January they are still eager to try the lesser well known cuisines.

Detailed below are the 5 key insights from the January 2022 report:

1. Less consumers appear to be eating all meat based dishes at home, at restaurants, takeaways and on the go. This was expected with Veganuary encouraging consumers to try more plant-based meals.

2. Since the beginning of the tracker in January 2020 the importance of sourcing locally, sustainably and seasonally, has become more important.

3. Over 2021 consumers appear to be more open to the all aspects of meat and fish, due to increasing awareness of product wastage.

4. Consumers awareness and interest in using 'neighbourhood' chefs has increased significantly. This is inline with consumers appeal in locally sourced products also increasing. During COVID there was an increase in consumers willingness to support local which has been represented in the tracker.

5. Although restaurants are back and at nearly full capacity, consumers appeal in meal kits and part prepared meals has remained stable. These more efficient and time saving meals for consumers are still in high demand.

To receive the full report and find out more about Future Food this exciting collaboration between thefoodpeople and Good Sense Research click here.