Future Food Update - July 2020

The re-opening of the foodservice sector is now in full swing, so we've continued to update our research which charts consumers readiness for change and innovation through the lens of sustainability, cuisines and eating out of home more broadly.

In next month's reporting we'll get a read on how the governments 'Eat Out To Help Out' scheme has nudged diners attitudes when thinking about eating out of home.

Here are 7 key takeout's from the July 2020 panel:

1) Now that restaurants are re-opening consumers are beginning to enjoy a more varied diet with more eating half plant based/half meat-based meals, and appetites for vegetarian and vegan meals are increasing.

2) This month we have seen a surge in the importance of locally sourced products and sourcing sustainably when eating out, heading towards pre-lockdown figures.

3) Around 1 in 2 consumers continue to be interested in using all parts of vegetables and fruit, but experts are also interested in using all parts of meat and fish.

4) Levels of awareness and interest among consumers remain consistent in food establishments using micro local ingredients, whilst experts are notably more aware and interested. Also, since the drop in May the appeal of healthy soil initiatives among consumers has increased each month.

5) The proportion of experts aware and interested in using heirloom/heritage seeds and breeds has increased, and we have seen a gradual increase among consumers since January.

6) The less well-known cuisines are driving the highest levels of interest among consumers, specifically Central Asia/Stans, East African and Filipino, but British cuisine is still leading the way, along with an interest of trying modern British cuisine.

7) COVID related cleanliness and hygiene measures are key to consumers, alongside the ability to eat outdoors. And the key issues which they anticipate COVID social distancing measures to impact are on pre-booking, reduced menus, and a big focus on personal hygiene.

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