Future Food Update - July 2021

Since January 2020 we have been tracking consumer behaviour through our Future Food Trend Tracker on a monthly basis so we can share actionable trends and insights with you.

In the latest Future Food Trend Tracker report we have recorded a change in consumer behaviour relating to sustainability matters, including the importance of locally sourced produce, sourcing sustainably, climate positive meats and meals for a climatarian diet, alongside growing awareness and interest in shorter seasonally abundant menus and farm/estate branding on menus.

Detailed below are the 4 key insights from the July 2021 report:

1. The importance of sustainability continues to grow, specifically for locally sourced produce and sourcing sustainably. Interest is also growing in climate positive meats and meals for climatarian diets.

Consumer awareness and interest in the carbon footprint of food production appears to be on the increase, with significant increases recorded in those 'aware and interested' in shorter seasonally abundant menus and farm/estate branding on menus. There has also been stabilised growth in the use of home grown ingredients, sourcing from neighbourhood chefs and urban farms. This also extends itself to the appeal of sustainability in the hospitality sector, where a year-on-year growth was recorded for all sustainable schemes, specifically healthy soil.

These changes in consumer behaviour are most likely driven by the recent media coverage on the carbon footprint and environmental impact of meat consumption, along with recent climate changes across the globe so people are now seeing how it can change their lives.

2. Since the re-opening of the hospitality sector the appeal of meal kits, takeaways and part prepared meals from food delivery services saw a slight decline. Improving the dessert options, menu range and the range of condiments/sauces/spices could be a potential growth opportunity for the future.

3. Consumers are currently noticing an increase in prices at hospitality venues, but they are happy about the improved hygiene protocols and space due to social distancing.

The quality and prices of food and drink, the seating availability and cleanliness of the venue will encourage consumers to visit hospitality venues in the future, backed by the desire to socialise.

4. Both consumers and experts alike recognise street food, vegan and plant-based food as up and coming trends for the future.

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