Future Food Update - October 2021

At the beginning of 2020 we started an exciting collaboration with Good Sense Research to create a monthly Future Food Trend Tracker which sets out to demonstrate the relationship between future trend predictions and customer acceptance, readiness and importantly how that manifests over time. The end product is a report each month which shares actionable trends and insights for you and your business.

October was an interesting month with some Brexit knock-on effects being felt in the hospitality sector; from limited menus due to food and drink shortages, through to smaller portions and more expensive prices. Consumers remain eager to dine out; being open to the up-cycling of by-products into products and dishes, and growing awareness of up-and-coming food trends including Korean and Japanese cuisine.

Detailed below are the 5 key insights from the October 2021 report:

1. Appeal levels of sustainability factors in the hospitality industry returned to previous levels, and a marked year-on-year increase was recorded. A similar story applies for the proportion finding sustainability important when dining out. This was maybe due to pre COP26 event media coverage highlighting how we all need to do more to save our planet.

2. Consumers feel restaurant food delivery services are missing menu ranges that are suitable for travel. Some even suggested the use of drone delivery.

3. Participation in the lesser well-known cuisines is steadily growing. Consumers are also now starting to cite Korean and Japanese as up-and-coming food trends. This is potentially driven by the increase in pop-up food venues and festivals.

4. There is a greater level of acceptability from a diner perspective for restaurants to include waste, as they appear to be more open in the upcycling of by-products into products and dishes. This presents itself as an opportunity for restaurants to talk about how they are trying to care for our planet.

5. Consumers are starting to feel the knock on effects of Brexit, with limited menus due to food and drink shortages, doubled up with smaller portions and more expensive prices. To encourage them to visit venues they are looking for atmosphere, cleanliness, and wide menu selection with good deals/discounts.

To receive the full report and find out more about Future Food this exciting collaboration between thefoodpeople and Good Sense Research click here.