Game Consumption in Restaurants is on the Up

Game meat consumption is on the rise as more and more of us have turned our sights on wild meat over traditional cuts of chicken and beef as chefs over the past 12 months.

The trend is one that we identified back towards the end of 2018, and covered on a menuwatching December report on Game Meat. The report looks at the drivers behind the rise in sales, what meats are being dished up, how the cuts of meat are being presented to the consumer and more. Read the report here.

A number of go-to London restaurants added Game to their menu in 2018, including the likes of Ottolenghi, Bibendum and Breddos Tacos, have debuted quail and venison to their menus in response to the increase in popularity of the wild meats, something which, when controlled, falls within the realms of sustainable meat consumption and sustainability.

A recent article in the Telegraph cites the flexitarian millenial, someone who eats a plant-based diet with the occasional inclusion of meat, as the main driving force behind the trend. The publication also reported a 35% rise in Game sales at British supermarket Waitrose.

In a second menuwatching report we took a look at Celebratory Game Menus, identifying what is being served up on both sides of the Atlantic. We looked at game changing menus from London's Lyle's, Tom's Kitchin, Benares amongst others, as well as Toronto's Antler, San Fran's Saison and more. Take a look at the report here.