Gin Refill Station Opens In Sydney

Australian gin brand, Garden Grown Gin has launched Sydney's first refilling station, in partnership with artisanal bottle shop, The Drink Hive at The Cannery in Rosebery.

Grown Spirits' Garden Grown Gin bottles can now be refilled to save needing to recycle bottles. Customers re-using their own bottle will pay a reduced amount for a 700ml refill rather than paying the full RRP. "Ten years ago, when we created our bottle we were mindful of unnecessary waste and designed it to have a life beyond just single use," said Frank Bethel, co-owner of Grown Spirits. "That's why we've always actively encouraged our customers to repurpose their bottle as a vase or water bottle. And now with this initiative, people can refill their bottle with our gin, saving waste while saving a bit of money."

The new gin refill station will run until 31st March. Find out more about Garden Grown Gin here.