Glen Moray Unveils 2008 Manzanilla Finish Whisky

Scottish distillery Glen Moray has introduced a new whisky finished in ex-manzanilla Sherry casks, exclusive to the UK. Glen Moray 2008 Manzanilla Finish is the latest addition to its Warehouse 1 Collection, a line named after the prestigious producer's Warehouse 1, home to 'innovative' maturing casks.

The Manzanilla Finish follows on from Glen Moray's ex-Barolo wine finished whisky and their Tokaji wine cask-finished whisky.

"This dram is full of orchard fruits. Spicy. Fruity. Nutty. All intertwined with our signature Speyside sweetness," the brand explains on their Facebook page.

"As distillers, this notion of 'place' is endlessly fascinating, particularly as our home of Speyside is so much a part of the Glen Moray story," said brand ambassador Iain Allan. "We started to wonder what would happen if we brought Glen Moray spirit and Manzanilla casks together?

"If Speyside met Cádiz in the barrel, what would the results be? Soft with salt? Citrus with herbaceous? Questions like these can get the team quite animated, to say the least, but only time can ever answer their restless curiosity – and these results have been worth waiting for. This is an exceptional whisky which represents the best of two very different worlds in one unique malt."

Find out more about the Warehouse 1 collection here.