Gold Leaf Gourmet, The New 5-Star Home Dessert Delivery Company

AUI Fine Foods, the leading importer of specialty pastry ingredients in the U.S., is proud to announce the launch of their newest direct-to-consumer company, Gold Leaf Gourmet. These dessert kits make the highest quality ingredients accessible to consumers, which until now, were only available to the food service industry.

Each kit comes pre-measured to easily prepare exquisite high-end desserts at home. These quality ingredients, not available in stores, provide a wonderful culinary experience that consumers can proudly showcase at their next dinner party or event.

"There is only one thing better than eating great desserts: making great desserts," said Chief Operating Officer, Augusto Martinez. "We have been the leader in the upscale professional pastry and baking business since 1968, and now we aim to bring that wealth of expertise to home chefs. These 'five star' desserts are easy to make and rival plates even top restaurants would be proud of."

"We expect Gold Leaf Gourmet is going to satisfy a large gap in the marketplace," said Beerju Patel, Director of Marketing. "We want to be the pioneers of premium home desserts, while staying relevant with the growing demand for at-home preparation." This do-it-yourself (DIY) customer takes pride in their cooking, and so we want to provide the best ingredients in the industry to help make that a reality at home."

To find out more about the Gold Leaf Gourmet brand or to order your choice of dessert if in the U.S., visit the website here.