GOOD Meat Rolls Out World's First Retail Sales of Cultivated Chicken

GOOD Meat, the US-based cultivated meat company, has announced that its cultivated meat will be sold at retail for home cooking in a claimed world first. For this world-exclusive launch, GOOD Meat has partnered with Huber's Butchery in Singapore to sell a new, lower cost formulation using just 3% cultivated chicken while maintaining the same taste, texture and experience as conventional chicken.

The new product, GOOD Meat 3, will be available in the freezer section of Huber's Butchery for the remainder of 2024. GOOD Meat 3 was developed to meet consumer demand for cultivated meat in Singapore, and to create opportunities for people to try it in the comfort of their own homes. Using a smaller percentage of cultivated chicken in combination with plant proteins, which have always been used in GOOD Meat's cultivated chicken products, also helps reduce costs associated with the production of cultivated meat, one of the main challenges that exist to scaling this developing industry.

"This is a historic day, for our company, for the cultivated meat industry, and for Singaporeans who want to try GOOD Meat 3," explained Josh Tetrick, co-founder and CEO of Eat Just, the parent company of GOOD Meat. "Before today, cultivated meat had never been available in retail stores for regular people to buy, and now it is. This year, we will sell more servings of cultivated chicken than have been sold in any year prior. At the same time, we know there is much more work to be done to prove that cultivated meat can be made at large scale, and we remain focused on that objective."

An in-market study of cultivated meat earlier this year by Singapore Management University which used a real-life setting to determine whether "presenting cultivated meat in the context of a familiar meal in a familiar social setting" would predict diners' willingness to try it again and recommend it to others. The findings showed that when consumers are free to buy cultivated meat, they are much more likely to accept it and suggest it to their friends and family. The results of this research further accelerated the pathway for GOOD Meat to launch its cultivated meat into the consumer market.

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