Good Sense Research x thefoodpeople

With a solid track record, glowing reputation and over 15 years experience in forecasting food trends, thefoodpeople are joining forces with one of the UK's most dynamic and up & coming customer research agencies to launch their new initiative "Future Food – Bringing Trends to the Table". A few years in the making, Charles and Kelly are super excited to show how they are collaborating and will be introducing some of their initial findings at the HRC Show on 3rd March.

In essence, what thefoodpeople and Good Sense Research have set out to achieve is to demonstrate the relationship between future trend predictions and customer acceptance and perceptions, and importantly how that manifests over time. A longitudinal study that will be reviewed over the coming years to provide the industry with meaningful insights that will make a difference to understanding where trends and consumers are heading, collectively. Initially we have chosen two very hot topics to bring to the table in the first instance – sustainability and cuisines.

Charles, Co-Founder of thefoodpeople 'We're hugely excited about this collaboration with Good Sense Research. Kelly and I have talked about the industry need for such a collaboration for a year or so, so it's great to be able to bring it to the audience at HRC 2020. We are a specialist in Food and Drink Trends Foresight, what we're obsessive about is empowering business to shift the future of food and drink by harnessing the power of trends. We see ourselves as being a champion of change, but you need to be informed and inspired to champion of change and what we're famous for is analysing all of those micro indicators of food & drink manifestation across different channels, categories and geographies around the world and bringing that to industry in the form of future trend foresight. The part that needs decoding after this is what's relevant to the consumer and that's where the collaboration with Good Sense Research comes in – tracking the trend relevance and awareness today and into the future to see how consumers and their attitudes and behaviours in food and drink change in line with trend evolution'.

Kelly Dowson, Good Sense Research: 'We've partnered with The Food People as we believe the macro and micro behavioural trends are fascinating and we felt overlaying these with consumer opinions makes them even more valuable and insightful, so we can see exactly how these trends have resonating with consumers in today's society. From my point of view, I think people will find it useful to understand at what point does a trend become acceptable to the consumer and what trends allow you to have a broader mind set. We'll be bringing a 'so what' customer viewpoint that will leave the audience with real food for thought about how consumers and trends have become so intertwined. Our aim is to empower innovation professionals across the industry'.

If you want to hear more, then please pop along and see us at HRC.