Gourmia gets tech-savvy with Bluetooth and WiFi enabled Sous Vide Pod

Gourmia, a designer and manufacturer of innovative countertop kitchen appliances, is about to make sous vide-style cooking even easier and more convenient. Its new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled Sous Vide pod harnesses the IoT to give cooks complete control of the cooking process, no matter where they are. Simply by using their smartphone or other mobile device, health-conscious cooks can now be at work, shopping, running errands, out playing with the kids, or anywhere but the kitchen and still cook a delicious, healthy, homemade sous vide meal. The accompanying mobile app will include sous vide recipes from Jason Logsdon of ModernistCookingMadeEasy.com.

Gourmia Appliances

Gourmia is partnering with Logsdon to include his original sous vide recipes in the companion mobile app for iOS and Android. A passionate home cook who loves to try new things, Logsdon explores everything from sous vide and whipping siphons to blow torches, foams, spheres and infusions. He has published nine cookbooks that have sold more than 45,000 copies in paperback and electronic formats. His books include "Modernist Cooking Made Easy: Sous Vide", a best seller that hit the number one spot on Amazon for both slow cooking and gourmet cooking. He also runs ModernistCookingMadeEasy.com, one of the largest modernist cooking websites.

"Gourmia brings simplicity to the world of sous vide cooking," commented Sam Ash, Gourmia chief marketing officer. "Our new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled Sous Vide pod with mobile app connects cooks directly to their kitchen, giving them complete control, even if they are miles away. Featuring renowned German electronic engineering, the Gourmia sous vide pod is designed for ease of use, reliability, convenience, and functionality. We are especially excited to partner with Jason Logsdon to provide consumers with a variety of sous vide recipes to cook using the Gourmia pod."

"I'm very excited to be partnering with such an established kitchen appliance maker," said Jason Logsdon. "With my easy-to-follow recipes and Gourmia's sous vide machine any home cook can create amazing food that will impress their friends and family."

To find out more, visit http://www.gourmia.com..