Gousto Partners With Marmite For Unique Recipes

Gousto, creators of some of the most creative and diverse delivery meal boxes, have joined forces with the famously polarising spread Marmite; offering up several new creations which tackle the most ardent 'haters.'

The developmental chefs behind Gousto's popular recipe boxes have produced seven unique recipes which incorporate the iconic yeast extract, demonstrating to home cooks as to why so many well known restaurants and chefs already use it in their cooking.

With a unique umami flavour, many potential Marmite cooks can be deterred by its strong taste, especially when it comes to finding the balance between being unnoticeable or overpowering. Gousto has helped ease people into the world of teatime Marmite with recipes which are familiar, but possess the distinct kick of the traditional breakfast spread, these include; Mushroom Carbonara, Fried Chicken, Teriyaki Tofu and even a Marmite & Peanut Butter Pork Udon dish too.

Speaking of the collaboration, Kathryn Huxtable, Food Director at Gousto commented: "Now more than ever, our customers are looking for richer cooking and mealtime experiences and this partnership with Marmite will help provide just that. We're making it easy for home cooks to master something a little different in the kitchen and we hope they'll feel inspired by these new - and sometimes quirky - flavour combinations that are so delicious, they may even tempt the Marmite haters."

There is no denying that Gousto could be the perfect vehicle to inspire more people to cook with Marmite, given its current 5 million meals delivered each month across the UK, we could all be adding a spoonful of the tar like spread to our evening meal sooner than later.

The limited edition recipes are currently live on Gousto's official site and will be available until November 17th.