Grazing Boards Are In

Grazing boards have continued to take social media - and dining tables - by storm over the past months, and as we head into the summer months this trend is expected to continue. We recently took a closer look at what's been happening across the Grazing Board scene in a recent menuwatching report, as well as Plant-Based Grazing Boards in a new healthwatching report too.

What's On Grazing Boards Today

With gatherings opening up again the sharing platter has become a regular sight at the table and on the picnic blanket once more, but it's what's on the platter that's been most interesting with the usual suspects of meats, cheese, crackers and olives a thing of the past.

With more time spent in the home meaning meal times have often been blurred somewhat, we've seen more and more attention given to breakfast and brunch resulting in more and more plates loaded with morning favourites such as fruits and cereals, bagels and all the trimmings too. Instagram favourites.

Image - Sorrenteaux Boards on Instagram

For the more sweet-toothed grazer there's been plenty of dessert platters and boards shared far and wide across social media with exquisite combinations including doughnuts, cookies, more traditional puddings and deconstructed dishes too.

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Plant-Based Grazing Boards

As a combination of diversifying what's featured on the Grazing Board and the rising number of people adopting a vegan or part-vegan diet we've seen a large increase in plant-based charcuterie, vibrant crudites, fruit boards and more.

Image - The Living Platter on Instagram.

Charcuterie is reimagined - out with the salami, in with the plant-based alternatives, vegan cheeses feature, and of course the array of naturally plant-based dips feature heavily, including hummus, beet, tapenades and baba ganoush.

Find out more about what's been cropping up on Plant-Based Grazing Boards over on the recent healthwatching report here, for subscribers only.