Great Kitchens 10 City Gluten Free Chef's Table Tour

The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) in conjunction with nationally acclaimed chef and restaurateur, Jehangir Mehta, announces Seattle as the third stop of its 10-city national gluten-free initiative, the GREAT Kitchens™ Gluten-Free Chef's Table Tour. Through the GREAT Kitchens Chef's Table Tour, Chef Mehta will educate food service providers on how to provide safe, gluten-free foods to diners and promote gluten-free awareness in Seattle via a series of gluten-free events from October 31-November 1, 2013.

"Dietary restrictions shouldn't limit access to restaurant dining," says Chef Jehangir Mehta, NFCA chef ambassador and Next Iron Chef finalist. "For diners with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity, having access to safe gluten-free food is a necessity and not a luxury. Through the GREAT Kitchens ™ Gluten-Free Chef's Table Tour, we hope to educate chefs across the country about the need for gluten-free menu items and open up a new culinary world for those who must avoid gluten."

Aimed at educating restaurants, caterers and universities on preparing gluten-free foods with front- and back-of-house skills and strategies, the GREAT Kitchens™ Gluten-Free Chef's Table Tour will also co-host a series of exclusive events with two nationally recognized Seattle chefs, Chef John Howie and Chef Holly Smith. Chef Howie will host Chef Mehta at his landmark restaurant Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar in Seattle on Thursday, October 31 for an exclusive gluten-free luncheon. On Friday, November 1, Chef Mehta will join Chef Smith at Cafe Juanita to celebrate the best in gluten-free, sustainable
and locally-sourced dining.