Greggs Launches New Healthier Lunch Menu

QSR bakery chain Greggs has recently announced the launch of its new pasta pots as part of a move towards adding healthier options to its menu - part of the Greggs' Balanced Choice range.

The new range features items that contain 400 calories or less and are either green or amber on the nutritional traffic light system, as set by the Food Standards Agency. Red means the product is high in a nutrient and you should try to cut down, eat less often or eat smaller amounts.Amber means medium. If a food contains mostly amber, you can eat it most of the time. Green means low. The more green lights a label displays, the healthier the food is.

The four new pasta pots include:

Pesto & Mozzarella Pasta. Pasta in a pesto dressing with slow-roasted tomatoes, peppers and spinach topped with mozzarella pearls.
Piri Piri Chicken Pasta. Pasta in a spicy mayonnaise style dressing with sweetcorn, peppers and tomatoes, topped with piri piri style chicken breast slices.
Feta & Tomato Pasta. Pasta in a tomato and basil dressing, with veggies and diced Feta cheese.
Chicken & Bacon Pasta. Pasta in a mayonnaise style dressing, with sweetcorn, tomato and smoked bacon pieces topped with BBQ flavour chicken.

The Balanced Choice range also features a new Sweet Potato Bhaji & Rice pot which is a rice and grain mix with veg, topped with an Indian-style chana masala sauce and served with sweet potato bhajis. The final item is the new Smoky Cajun Rice with BBQ Chicken & Sweetcorn Fritters, featuring rice with vegetable sand mixed with a smoky paprika dressing, topped with BBQ flavour chicken slices, sweetcorn fritters and sliced spinach.

Find out more about the entire Gregg's menu over on the brand's website.

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