Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Lovers Rejoice

One for the grilled cheese and tomato with soup fans ... Campbell's has released a limited time only combination in time to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day in the US on 12th April.

This small batch release, restricted to the US only, celebrates the brand's iconic Tomato Soup infused with the flavours of a grilled cheese sandwich. The brand is giving away 412 cans (marking the 12/04 date) to lucky winners as part of a global sweepstake.

"Grilled cheese and tomato soup has always been perfect together. It is a classic pairing for all generations, and it has drawn increasing fandom in recent years," Gary Mazur, Vice President Soup and Broth, Campbell's Meals and Beverages division. "Nothing can top the greatness of a grilled cheese sandwich dunked in Campbell's Tomato soup. As we developed our first ever limited time only condensed flavour, it was the clear choice."

The new launch aligns with the 'Awesome Ambient' mega trend identified in our most recent Trends Book for 2024/25, as one of our top 10 new and rising trends. The ambient aisle is going through a revolution; tins and jars are going gourmet, meal solutions are getting a global makeover, instant noodles and pasta are reimagined, rice dishes come biting at their heels - and last but not least, there's powdered ... everything.

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