Guiding Stars Chef Erin Dow & Jamie's Food Revolution Day

Guiding Stars Expert Chef Erin Dow has announced her involvement in Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day, a first-ever nationwide day of actions focused on highlighting locally sourced, fresh food and the need for better food education. Alongside schools, business, restaurants and food experts, Guiding Stars Chef Erin Dow will connect with her community to ensure change in people's food habits and promote the mission for better food and education about food choices.

Erin was chosen to participate in Food Revolution Day based on her extensive knowledge and best practices for teaching kids about food and making healthy eating choices. Her video on was one of five videos featured for the site's official launch. In Erin's video, she explains her involvement with Head Start School's nutrition program and how teaching children to make healthy eating decisions is possible.

"I am proud to be part of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day," said Guiding Stars expert chef Erin Dow.  "As a mother of three, I understand how much education makes a difference in any lesson we try to teach, including the important lessons in making healthy food choices. Through Food Revolution Day, we can work together to empower children to make educated choices on what foods they choose to consume."

Obesity rates have more than doubled since 1980. Every year, more than 5 million people die from obesity or diet-related diseases. World-renowned TV personality and chef Jamie Oliver created Food Revolution Day to spark conversations about real food and inspire people to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

"Bottom line, kids will accept new foods when they're exposed to them and sufficiently educated about them," said Erin Dow. "Food Revolution Day will help us raise awareness and better educate our community on making healthy eating decisions."

For more information on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day, or instructions on how you can get involved, visit


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