Halloween 2023 Seasonwatching Report Live

It's that scary, spooky time of year again! And in amongst the severed finger cookies, spaghetti brains and 'ghost toast' – there are lots of fun, creative and unexpected trends shining through, all of which we've explored in our latest seasonwatching report.

Halloween has become a beloved and bewitching annual event for many. Rooted in ancient Celtic and Christian traditions, it has evolved over centuries into a multifaceted celebration. Today, Halloween is not merely a day for costumes and sweet treats, but is becoming an entire season of spooky frivolity.

We've pulled out three exciting takeouts from this year's Halloween report:

1. Pink & Pastels – It's not all about pumpkin orange and pitch black hues at Halloween… Look out this year for pastel hues, sparkles and lots(!) of pink). Indeed, some are calling it Pinkoween, and it's a sweet, muted take on the classic Halloween colours, driven by a love for all things Barbie (and beyond). There are subtle hints of spookiness among the pinks and sparkles, which makes for a cute, fun twist on the typical Halloween fare.

2. Pop Culture – Influences from the film, tv and fashion worlds are bigger than ever this year, bolstered by the cult popularity of big hits like Barbie, Oppenheimer and Wednesday. 90s culture and fashion is also making its mark, and references from the likes of Clueless, Super Mario and Pokemon are influencing not just costumes – but also decorations for cookies, cakes and more. Who says Halloween has to be all guts n' gore!

3. Just like Christmas – You don't need to wait until Christmas to exchange gifts and hampers! Halloween is also becoming a time for exchanging fun, spooky-themed presents or treats with friends and loved ones. And if you can't wait for the big day itself? Stretch the celebrations out for a month, with advent-inspired spooky countdown calendars filled with treats.


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