Happy Holidays from us all at thefoodpeople

Dear All,

2020 has been a year of monumental shift and change. But with Christmas Holidays in a few days and a New Year, 2021 round the corner, there's hope of more positive times to look forward to. For us the reason to hope is rooted in the incredible people that make the full spectrum of the food and drink industry what it is. We're an industry of innovators, helpers, supporters, creatives and strivers who have an unrivalled dedication, tenacity and a champion spirit for what we do – feeding the nation. Our industry, in all of its parts, has been at the frontline and in many cases, has 'given' in its hour of need. Many businesses have and are shifting, changing, pivoting and adapting right now. During 2021 and beyond, these efforts will pay off - we will triumph if we work together, addressing some of the biggest challenges to shape a better future for all. We believe that this opportunity should excite us all and give that much needed hope to shift the future.

In the meantime all of us at thefoodpeople wish you, your friends, families and colleagues a happy and healthy, if somewhat moderated Christmas & Holiday Season. There's a brand new year just around the corner, we look forward to exploring all that it has to offer!