Happy International School Meals Day from thefoodpeople & Chefs In Schools

We're delighted that schools have begun re-opening this week and there is so much to celebrate today on International School Meals Day!

We couldn't be prouder that our commitment to donate 1p in every £1 of revenue and your contributions has so far raised over £10,000 for Chefs in Schools through the TFP Foundation. We remain fiercely committed to supporting the use of food as a force for good; specifically to improve the health and education of children and young people in schools.

Despite schools being closed, Chefs in Schools, has been extremely busy engaging new schools to support them on their journey to improve their food provision.

We caught up with Polly who is Head of Development at Chefs in Schools who said: "The pandemic has shone a spotlight on the importance of school food and the impact it has on children's health and wellbeing. The food that a child eats in schools matters. It helps fuel their body so that their mind can learn, and for a child who is entitled to free school meals, it can be the only hot meal they get that day.

"Our Chef Trainers are heading back out to support six new schools to begin their food transformation journey.

"Having helped schools to recruit a new chef, often from the restaurant industry, we then provide them with the training and support to make the transition into the school kitchen.A key part of this involves developing the whole team so that they feel valued and empowered to contribute their own ideas and international inspired recipes.

"Our chefs cook everything from scratch and work with high quality suppliers to source fresh food. Many of our chefs and trainers are inspired by their cultures and places that they've visited. These Tahini and Apple Buns (check out the recipe here!) were dreamed up by our Chef Trainer Nerissa and tried out by Head Chef, Charlie. Nerissa worked apples into the dough to make it more nutritious - and added Tahini for a twist. Nerissa, a proud New Zealander, likes to incorporate flavours from around the world into recipes. She is always trying new ingredients and ideas, her enthusiasm for food and training is contagious!"

We want to thank you for your support since launching the TFP Foundation, your donations from buying The Next Normal e-book and to those clients who have been in touch to offer direct support to Chefs in Schools – a huge thank you.

How can you get involved?

Well, it couldn't be easier and... we'll give you an e-book in return for your donation! All you have to do is buy a copy of The Next Normal for £20 and we'll donate £19 directly to the TFP Foundation and Chefs in Schools, it's that easy.

If you'd rather just donate, you can do so via our just giving page Click Here!

From all of us at thefoodpeople and Chefs in Schools, thank you for your support and happy International School Meals Day!


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