'Healthcare Heroes' Bar Supports Health Workers

With the greater focus and appreciation of health care works around the globe, many brands are doing their utmost to support these precious workers as best as possible.

One of the latest to do so is Bobo's, bakers of wholesome oat treats from Colorado, who have now created their special edition Healthcare Hero Bar to raise funds which will help to look after those risking their lives to save others from COVID-19.

The bar itself is a popular chocolate chip creation, with over 30,000 of the bars being pledged to healthcare workers to provide them with healthy and wholesome snacks which they might not otherwise be able to access during arduous shifts.

For every box of Healthcare Heroes purchased, Bobo's will match with a donation to healthcare heroes in markets most heavily struck by the dangerous COVID-19 virus.

If you would like to support Bobo's efforts to raise money for Healthcare Heroes, please visit the link here.