healthwatching - Psychobiotics and Synbiotics 2023

We recently explored the topic of Psychobiotics and Synbiotics, as part of the bigger conversation around gut health, in a healthwatching report on the trendhub.

Gut health is a booming part of the health economy at the moment with influencers and celebrities all championing the benefits of a healthy microbiome. The latest buzz words in this category are Psychobiotics and Synbiotics.

What are these?

Psychobiotics is the term for the probiotic strains that are capable of changing the gut microbiome to affect the gut-brain axis and potentially mood and brain function. They form are a key component in the braincare category, with evidence suggesting that they can be helpful in combatting mental health issues - however more research needs to be done before any conclusive findings.

Synbiotics, on the other hand, refer to ingredients or dietary supplements in which probiotics and prebiotics are combined to have an ever greater effect on the gut microbiome.


To give you some insight into what to expect from the full trendhub report, we've collated three key takeouts below.

1. Nutritional Psychiatry - Mental health is increasingly being recognised as a major public health concern. In fact, the World Health Organisation has identified mental health as an epidemic of the 21st century. The potential of psychobiotics as an economical, accessible, minimally invasive intervention means of nutritional psychiatry is attractive.

2. Supplements To The Fore - Two major players have emerged in the synbiotic supplement scene, Seed and Ritual. Both have captured the imagination of social media influencers and celebrities. Both are designed to support holistic health, with products for both adults and children.

3. The Effect Of Influence - The emerging concept has quietly gained popularity in wellness social media and celebrity circles, with brands like Seed and Ritual being linked, or teaming up, with Hollywood A-listers. Celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel and Karlie Kloss endorse synbiotics and their benefits. And of course, actor turned health guru Gweneth Paltrow uploaded a bit of a chaotic video extolling the benefits of taking the synbiotic made by Seed - one that's since gone viral.


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