Healthy Drink Demand Sees Waitrose Add Milk to Its Food To Go Aisle

Waitrose customers will soon be able to pick up a smaller bottle of milk while on-the-go, after the supermarket announced it will introduce the healthy option to more than 60 of its Food to Go aisles this February.

The move comes as part of the supermarket's drive to offer healthier options to its customers, following a rise in demand. Earlier this year Waitrose unveiled its Good Health label, featured on hundreds of products to make it easier for customers to make healthier choices. It is also currently trialling a personal nutritionist service in its Canary Wharf and Kingston shops, which are designed to provide customers with dietary advice tailored specifically to their individual needs.

"Milk is an ideal drink to go and is a great source of protein and calcium," explained Moira Howie, Waitrose Nutrition Manager. "It hydrates and quenches thirst and is a perfect addition to a healthy balanced diet."

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