Heart Part

Resembling something that you’re more likely to put in your hair than eat with, the Heart Part is a new portable gadget that comes to the rescue when you need it.

Share food with a loved one with Heart Part, a cleverly designed eating utensil that opens up into two pieces combining fork, knife and scoop. Recently spotted at the NY International Gift Fair, the Heart Part appeals to both food and design nerds with its smart use of design and space-saving capabilities.

As possibly the perfect—or at least the cutest—alternative to wasteful plastic cutlery, the Heart Part is made entirely of biodegradable polystyrene, and the dishwasher-friendly parts use 66% less plastic than regular cutlery. Besides minimizing the environmental impact of the everyday toss-away—an estimated 40 billion pieces of plastic are dumped in the world's landfills each year—creator Fatima Fazal makes a social gesture by donating nine percent of profits to charity.

Heart Part comes in five colours including fluorescent green and orange, rose, teal and black, and comes in packs of 10. Buy them online from  https://iheart-this.com/shop or http://shop.thefutureperfect.com/browse-by-designer-1/fatima-fazal/heart-part-utensil-set.html where they sell for $10 a set.