Heinz Launches Heartbreak Survival Kit In Australia

Heinz has launched a new Survival Kit in Australia aimed at providing people with the emotional support they need when having breakups. The Heinz Heartbreak Survival kit features seven different products including Soup, Mac & Cheese Original Pasta, Hot Chocolate Kit, Heinz Tissue Box and their own Heartbreak Roadmap.

"Heinz Heartbreak Survival Kit features some of our top-rated products that will certainly help our customers through life's key moments, no matter how emotional they may be," explained Joe Shaw, head of e-commerce at Heinz Australia.

The website also quotes ... We all know the feeling of trying to console a mate after a tough breakup. The phrases "time heals all" and "there's plenty more fish in the sea" can only help so much, and leave us wanting to do more.

In full the kit includes:
- 1x Heinz Soup of the Day® Buttercup Pumpkin & Veg 430g
- 1x Kraft® Mac & Cheese Original Pasta 205g
- 1x Heinz® Tortellini Three Cheese with Creamy Pumpkin & Roasted Garlic 350g
- 1x Hot Chocolate Kit
- 1x Heinz Tissue Box
- 1x Pair of Extra Fluffy Red Socks
- 1x Heartbreak Roadmap

That's why we've launched this heartbreak survival kit, to help walk your mate through this tough time, dry their tears, and give them plenty of comfort food to indulge in.

Find out more about the Survival Kit on the Heinz AUS website here.