Hellmann's Between 2 Slices Campaign Inspires People To Fight Food Waste During The Holidays

Hellmann's, a Unilever brand, has launched a campaign called Between 2 Slices, to inspire people to fight food waste during the holidays…. through sandwiches!

With Thanksgiving celebrations in full flight in the US, a celebration where food becomes centrepiece, the spotlight will be on wastage. It's estimated that each year during this seasonal celebration alone 50% of Americans and 44% of Canadians throw out leftover food following large family gatherings, contributing to nearly 305 million pounds of food thrown away.

To address this seasonal food waste problem, the brand is debuting Between 2 Slices, a print and digital out of home advertising campaign inspiring millions of North Americans to fight food waste through sandwiches. The latest advertising shows people that with just two slices of bread and Hellmann's mayonnaise, leftover food can be transformed into delicious, creative next-day meals.

Consumers inspired by Between 2 Slices can visit Hellmanns.com for leftover recipes, including tasty sandwiches such as Grilled Turkey, Brie & Cranberry Sandwich, Rustic Roasted Pumpkin Sandwich, and Chicken and Apple Salad Sandwich.

Since 2020, Hellmann's has encouraged fans to breathe new life into their leftovers with its Make Taste, Not Waste platform, which aims to educate customers about food waste, provide delicious recipes, and inspire foodies to find ways to love their remixed leftover meals.

"Hellmann's continues to champion the fight against food waste through our platform 'Make Taste, Not Waste' and we're proud of the impact we've been able to bring to the issue through our marketing efforts," says Chris Symmes, Marketing Director, Dressings North America, Unilever. "Between 2 Slices continues to build on our efforts to educate North Americans about food waste reduction and through the simplicity of this holiday-season campaign featuring sandwiches, we're arming consumers with the knowledge and tools to make mindful choices about their food consumption, ensuring that the joy of celebrations stays on the plate, not in the trash."

The Between 2 Slices ads campaign will be featured across North America during key seasonal moments and leverage an expanded isometric style to vividly depict memorable occasions where leftovers are repurposed with Hellmann's mayo.