Help Make a Difference to Our Future Generations This Christmas & Holiday Season

Help make a difference to our Future Generations this Christmas and Holiday Season.

In November 2020 we established the TFP Foundation and it's first beneficiary – Chefs in Schools. This incredible, young and ambitious charity is working tirelessly to encourage and enable schools across the country to serve great, creative school food - that doesn't just fill young people up, but feeds their imagination too. They also passionately believe that teaching the next generation how to cook and enjoy real food is crucial for their long-term physical and mental health. This is what motivated us to get involved!

Our ambition is to raise £50,000 which will pay for another chef trainer for 12 months, which means that Chefs in Schools can roll out to more schools, faster. So far we've raised £5,062.00 since our collaboration launch in November but we need your help to make a BIG difference this Christmas and Holiday Season.

Please note the figures combine thefoodpeople's 1p in every £1 donation, The Next Normal E-Book and the TFP community donations - correct as of 17.00 on 16th December 2020.

How can you get involved?

Well, it couldn't be easier and... we'll give you an e-book in return for your donation! All you have to do is buy a copy of The Next Normal for £20 and we'll donate £19 directly to the TFP Foundation and Chefs in Schools, it's that easy – Click Here to get the e-book!

If you'd rather just donate, you can do so via our just giving page Click Here!

In what has been a year of unprecedented change due to COVID-19, this our account of how our relationship with food and drink has changed forever. This e-book is a compendium of trend manifestations and future predictions made during the COVID-era, covering the social & cultural impact, how we eat, cook, shop and dine as well as the food & beverage trends, cuisines and observations both in retail and foodservice. In publishing this e-book, we wanted to bring all of the learnings we gathered together, in one place, as a record of what we observed and the shifts that we predicted. This also acts to honour all of those effected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and as an 'aide memoire' for the industry should this (or worse) happen again.

From all of us at thefoodpeople and Chefs in Schools, thank you for your support!