Holland & Barrett Launches New Food Range To Help Those With Impaired Taste Or Smell

Health food store Holland & Barrett has launched an innovative new food range to help people experiencing changes to taste or smell, rediscover the pleasure of food - introducing Holland & Barrett with Life Kitchen.

The new range is a first of its kind on the high street in the UK and is focused on helping those experiencing impaired taste or smell due to short or long term illnesses, like cancer treatment or long covid.

The range features six innovative taste-boosting food products that help enhance the flavour of mealtimes for those experiencing changes to taste - which impacts approximately 70% cent of people affected by cancer and 40-50% of those with Covid-19, globally. The collection will also help those experiencing changes to smell, with recent studies revealing 11.34 million UK adults experience this at any given time - equivalent to more than one in five adults.

The collection has been formulated to enhance each of the five basic tastes - sweet, sour, salt, bitter and umami. Either working to one of these tastes, a mix-and-match approach, or working to enhance all five, each product has been designed to work with the corresponding taste receptor on the tongue to create the ultimate flavour experience, all through the use of cutting edge research.

The new range launch comes just months after Holland & Barrett introduced their biggest food transformation for a decade, with a reinvigorated selection featuring over 500 new items initially, each of which can be shopped by dietary requirement or wellness need.

The launch also saw Holland & Barrett become the first high-street retailer to include the concept of 'Plant Points' on food labelling, helping to encourage customers to eat at least 30 different plants a week to support their overall wellbeing.