Honey Drinks on the Rise as Aspall Launches Honey Vinegar

British cider and vinegar manufacturer Aspall has launched a raw apple cider vinegar with 35% unpasteurised honey, a new launch that follows the trend of honey in drinks which we reported on towards the tail end of 2018.

Aspall, the English manufacturer of cider and other apple-derived products, recommends the vinegar is diluted in warm or cold water for "a daily health tonic", or that it is to be used in dressings, marinades and sauces.

"Unfiltered and unpasteurised, Aspall Raw Apple Cyder Vinegar with Honey retains the friendly bacteria known as the 'mother', celebrated for its potential health benefits," it says.

In a December drinkswatching report we took a look at the increased use of honey in beverages in 2018, covering the uses of the sweet drizzle, how and in what it is being used from soft drinks to beer to harder liqueurs and more. Read the full report here over on our trendhub.