Hong Kong French Toast and Milk Tea Kiosk Opens In Hackney

The popular Hong Kong milt tea specialist HOKO has started an exciting new weekend market stall at London's Hackney Westgate St Market - set to be a new brunch spot for many we're sure. Visitors will be able to try their signature Hong Kong milk teas alongside a range of their Hong Kong-style French toast from the new weekend kiosk each Saturday over the coming months.

What's the different between your usual French toast and this then you ask? Well, put simply the main difference is that the Hong Kong version served by HOKO uses thick white milk toast instead of brioche and uses a deep-fat frier rather than a frying pan to cook.

A range of different French Toast options will be available, including:

Golden Yolk - salted egg yolk, cream cheese and optional pork floss
Soy Mochi - rice mochi filling, soy sauce, mirin sake and nori
3:15PM - ham, cheese and honey
Hong Kong Classic - golden French toast filled with peanut butter, maple syrup and a thick slab of butter
Matcha - Uji matcha lava powder with whipped mascarpone
Yuen Yueng - HK milk tea spread, espresso syrup and condensed milk

Find out more about HOKO and their offering on their website or on Instagram.