Hot Beverages 2020

As everyday routines such as grabbing a morning coffee as part of a busy commute are turned on their head, more of us are looking to get that barista fix at home, more often. From gallons of cold brew straight from the fridge to tea concentrates that can be mixed into refreshing soft drinks or cocktails, convenience and premium tastes blend.

1. Home is at the heart

The pandemic has brought uncertain times to everyone, many of us have kept calm with a brew. Take home sales of hot beverages are at an all time high, and we are seeing the lines blur between food service and retail. From gallons of cold brew to tea concentrates ideal for mixing a refreshing soft drink or cocktail, we are getting that barista fix at home. As value becomes more important, and we look to shop less often we are likely to see more of these bigger formats.

2. Flavour Adventure

We are taken on a flavour adventure with hot beverages. Florals and tropical flavour notes all reconnect us with nature and holidays. For those that fancy something sweet, there is so much choice. From a lighter apricot tart tea to caramel teas and a totally indulgent lemon meringue Frappuccino there's something for everyone.

3. Health and Wellness

Many of us began lock down indulging in the comfort of cakes, desserts and alcohol, however, as time has gone on health and wellness has come to the fore. Functional brews with immunity and relaxation claims continue to trend, however, as we seek out and get to know more about plant based food and drink, hero ingredients that have healthy halos in their own right become more important. We can expect to see more of blueberries, raspberry leaves and adaptogens such as ashwagandha not to mention oat mylk that all have nutritious credentials . As more consumers look to cut down on alcohol low ABV hard coffees and kombucha provide refreshing alternatives that are in demand.

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