Hot New 'Spaceship Air Fryer' Descends into Kitchens

Hometech Spaceship Air Fryer is patented in China (it’s a Chinese company) and Europe. Its patent turbo air technology makes it possible to make the tastiest chips that contain up to 99.8% less fat! Requiring less than half a teaspoon of oil, if that, it is truly a fat & oil free fryer.

Hometech say it is a perfect combination of air fryer+quick roaster+stir cooker+popcorn maker. With far infrared carbon technology, turbo tornado-like hot moving air technology, and food rotating technology to completely ensure even cooking, the Spaceship Air Fryer is a 3D cooker that can be used to fry, roast, bake, BBQ, grill, broil and more, all without oil.

It also has the added benefit of looking good too!